Sex In The Suburbs #1

OK, this article is titled: “Sex in the Suburbs” but it should really be called: “I’m too old, and too tired, to have an affair”.

Now seriously, if you have small children – where would you find the time?

You’re too busy trying to snatch the odd few seconds power napping whilst standing upright (well, leaning against something handy like a wall or a sink for instance).

Imagine trying to actually sit down or even, god forbid, lie down?

Would you waste those few precious moments on someone else? Of course not! You’re too busy trying to hide from the children.

And who can blame you? You are on call from the moment you wake to the time you finally crawl into bed at night.

Even the lowest paid menial job lets you have a break occasionally. But not you, because you’re a “mum”. And mums are superwomen who need no sleep, have no personal needs and never, ever, have sex!

Why, even your children were born of an immaculate conception – don’t believe me? Just ask your kids.


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