Sex In The Suburbs #2

Those of us with children know the dangers of sex (and I don’t just mean conception).

Imagine the scene: you and your partner actually find the time, and the energy to have a romantic dalliance in the privacy of your bedroom. Candles and incense burning, a nice bottle of wine on the bedside table, music playing gently in the background. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

Unfortunately for your putative sex life – you are parents!

You hear a pitiful sobbing (and it’s not your husband). One of your children has woken with a nightmare. You stop what you are doing,  reluctantly drag yourself out of bed, throw on a dressing gown and go down the hall to sort out the problem. You comfort your child, give her a glass of water and take her to the toilet.

By the time you crawl back into bed, your “romantic ideal” is snoring away merrily.

Oh well, maybe we can try this again next week!


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