The Great Eggscape

If you’ve ever had contact with chickens you’ll be aware that they are not the brightest of creatures most of the time. However for the last couple of weeks I have been outsmarted by my semi-resident chooks.

Because I am a reasonably nice person I decided to let the hens roam the back garden (only locking them up at night for their own protection).

These hens had never had it so good before! And my vegie garden has never looked so bad!

But suddenly the girls decided that they should be free-range ALL the time.

Every night I secure the hen house and every morning they escape.
They may have been laying eggs – but I wasn’t finding any because they took off adventuring before they did their duty!

We even found one of the hens in the neighbour’s backyard – terrorising their dog.

Each day I work on the chicken coop and each day they find, or create, a new security breach.

It’s taken me over a week but I’ve finally done it!

They were still there this morning looking like extras in a prison movie. All they needed was a tin cup each as they paced back and forth cackling in frustration.

After laying time I went to let them out – I had to chase them – they had obviously forgotten what the doorway was for (I told you chooks weren’t exactly the most intelligent  birds).

I eventually managed to catch one and toss her through the entrance, hoping that the others would get the idea.
Not a hope – these chooks are really dumb! I ended up having to chase each chook out individually.

The really sad thing about this story is that although chooks are really stupid – they still managed to outwit me for 9 days!!!


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