Mr. Fix-It

Now my husband is a lovely man but he is definitely not a “handyman”.
He is, however, under the impression that it’s his job to fix things.

He also assumes that it’s his job to know the best way to make or repair something.

When we moved in together I already owned a drill – he didn’t even possess a screwdriver at the time. But he is convinced that he is the expert.

I learned how to do simple repairs at an early age – my grandfather taught me, because as he said: “someone in the family has to know how to find a wall stud when I’m gone”.

My father was somehow intrinsically incapable of even replacing a floor tile without leaving an unmovable trail of adhesive across the bathroom floor. He once attached a towel rack to the back of a door with such long nails that you took your life in your hands every time you brushed past the front of the door.

My husband on the other hand, breaks the things he is supposedly fixing. He over-tightens shower heads until they snap, splinters the wood he is nailing and always ends up with a bag full of parts left over from those pre-packaged DIY projects. But of course it’s never his fault. It’s because he doesn’t have the right tools or I misread the instructions.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate the fact that he tries to do these things. But who died and made him “God of the Tool Box”?

Tell me where it’s written that only a man can fix things? Most women are more than capable of changing a tap washer without flooding the kitchen.

And after all, women are apparently the only people in the entire world who have the technical capability to replace an empty toilet paper roll.

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