Gravity – I Hate It

What is it about gravity? I don’t like to admit it but gravity is taking its toll. Parts of my body that should be perky are drooping at an alarming rate!
It’s pretty scary – I’m a small woman but I can see in the mirror (I forgot to take my glasses off first – damn it) that some things are definitely heading south.

In her heyday my grandmother was a big-breasted woman but these days she looks more like those African women you see on documentaries. It’s a standing joke in our family (women only) that she has to roll up her boobs before putting them into her bra.

My paternal grandmother wears full body armour whenever she ventures out her front door (an unyielding bra and girdle combo) and let me tell you: gravity doesn’t stand a chance with her.

Breasts are funny things genetically speaking – in our family they skip a generation. My mother and daughter have big breasts – my grandmother, sisters and I are somewhat deficient in that department (thank goodness).

My aunt complains bitterly that gravity doesn’t work properly on her as although her bustline dropped – her belly has risen up to meet it!

I don’t really mind getting older (the alternative is pretty nasty after all) – it’s the fact that I get such a shock when I catch sight of myself in a mirror. Inside I feel about 17 but the outside tells such a different story.

I really MUST remember not to wear my glasses around mirrors any more.


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