The Monster In The Pond

We have a young duck who has more personality than most dogs. He’s named Lenin because he’s a Muscovy Duck – i.e. Moscow – and the duck house is called The Kremlin to take the Russian analogy even further – yes I know – I’m very sad.

Lenin has a strange way of looking at life – he’s quite happy to bully the dog but he wouldn’t go in his beloved pond for several days until I finally worked out that he was absolutely terrified of the yabbie that had taken up residence in the mud on the bottom.

Now please keep in mind that this was a tiny crustacean, only about 10cm long and the duck weighs in at 38 kg. But anyway, once I removed the yabbie he was very excited, and went immediately back into his pond where he proceeded to have a whale of a time splashing and diving etc.

As for the yabbie, well that’s a tragic tale…

The duck ate it (but only after it was safely on the grass and cooked by the sun).

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