The Testosterone Hurricane

My house is suffering from an infestation of testosterone – it’s apparently dripping down the walls.

It’s school holidays and my teenage son,  and godson, and their friends are invading my space. They’re big, loud and smelly, and are working their way through my larder and fridge like a biblical plague of locusts.

They spend a lot of time wrestling in the lounge room,  usually when I’m trying to  read.

I’ve noticed that teenage boys don’t have a volume control, they have to yell at each other, even when they’re in the same room. They argue continuously over stupid things. They spent most of yesterday on: “what was better, Pokemon Go or Ingress?” I was ready to kill them all by dinner time.

But I have a bigger problem…

What is it about boys’ humour? Can someone tell me why bodily functions are so hilarious? They frequently make objectionable noises (and smells), and then laugh uproariously. And to make it worse, my husband thinks it’s funny too.

Is this a male-only thing? ‘Cos when I tell them that I think it’s revolting, it only makes them all laugh all the more.

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