The WWW War Zone

We have two computers connected to the internet – one is mine and the other is my son’s (both situated in my home office). Which has always been enough for the three of us now living in the house until now.

But I recently started an online game site because I thought it would be a bit of fun.

But it’s created a war in at our place! Everyone wants to use a computer now.

A couple of my son’s friends turn up at regular intervals wanting to play too.

My husband hangs around the office and says “You look tired – why don’t you go and have a rest?”

This is not because he loves me and cares about my welfare. No, it’s because he want me off the computer so he can have a go.

I don’t dare tell my husband if I’ve added any new games because he immediately wants to beat my high scores and take my trophies.

He and my son will battle over a single game for hours trying to beat each other. It’s a kind of bonding I suppose but they are so competitive about it.

The one thing I find hard to take is that they both plead with (and yell at) the computer when they’re playing games. I really don’t understand why they do it – the computer is not going to listen to them. Mind you, my husband has yelled at the TV for years and it’s never yet paid attention to him either …


Me And My Computer

I have an odd relationship with my computer. Actually it’s rather like my marriage. Most of the time everything goes well and you take each other for granted. Then something goes wrong and everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

My computer caught a virus and it took me 3 days to finally remove all the traces. The virus warnings kept screaming at me and I was yelling back (but unfortunately no one was listening). Hey… that does sound like my marriage, doesn’t it?

Anyway I finally got the rid of the damn thing (the virus not my husband) and proceeded to deliver an ultimatum to the rest of the family: “The next person who stuffs up my computer will not be allowed to touch it for 3 months!”

But you know it never sticks. My son is strictly forbidden to download stuff because I don’t trust a lot of those free sites that are aimed at teenagers. But every now and then I find something that I know wasn’t there before. But wait – it gets worse! He’s 16 now and what do 16 year old boys like best? You guessed it: naked women!!!

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to show your grandmother something on your computer, and somehow you open up a folder full of naked women, by mistake? How do you explain it?

You need to get yourself off the hook quickly, but you can’t blame your son (not to his great-grandmother anyway). So I just sat there, completely gob-smacked. And then about five minutes later, I started pontificating about internet viruses and downloads etc.

To this day I’m still not entirely sure that she believed me…